Aromatic Oils

Kadamba has pioneered into production of premium quality of aromatic oils such as Palmarosa oil, Citronella oil, Lemongrass oil and a host of other herbal extracts.

Kadamba’s traditional farming relations with the rural populace, particularly from the Western Ghats of Southern India provides better advantage in terms of both quality produce and also in terms of quantum.

Our President’s passionate initiatives in terms of sustainable agro-forestry projects to support and uplift the farming communities since many years have generated great admirable results.

We really appreciate, if your aromatic desire would accept, Kadamba’s LivNatural products as your royal and yet obvious choice for your aromatic oil consumption!

Green Nano Products

In a first of its kind in the entire globe, Kadamba has embarked on a new generational product series under its Green Nano Technology banner. An innovative technology blended with the most advanced research in USA, coupled with Indian traditional knowledge formulates natural products by constituting natural core ingredients. These revolutionary products are absolutely chemical-free formulations.

The product series comprises of Health & Hygiene products, Nutraceuticals & wellness products, Nano Ayurvedic products.

Cosmetic & Skin-care products, Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial disinfectant products and a host of many more products are to find the their place in the market shelf’s very shortly Nanotechnology ushers a paradigm advantage in many industries, particularly food industry, packaging industry, agriculture sector, textile industry, and the list grows unabated.

Green nano products would enable to treat diseases in human body by identifying the primary causes of illness. Globally, Ayurvedic system of therapy has penetrated less than 2% of the global population, suggesting an unprecedented growth potential for this important medical modality.

Kadamba is all set to have this emerging technology expertise from globally renowned scientists and developing unparalleled industry first products (Patented) with universally acceptable standards.

Soil Health Products

Kadamba’s unique soil health products being globally patented products are aimed towards sustainable agriculture practices. It's more than a mixture of foreign organic chemical in to the soil, which enriches the soil by recreating its original native strength thereby increasing the density of microbes in mega scale.

The unique qualities of this product are-

  • Certified as totally natural and organic.
  • Will strengthen the immune system of the plant.
  • Will sustain long time in the soil.
  • Reduces the input of chemical fertilizers & pesticides usage drastically
  • Suitable for all varieties of horticultural and agricultural crops
Kadamba’s highly professional soil health team continues to extend its services at your doorstep.


Super-foods are rich in phytochemicals, which are known to have disease-fighting properties. Basically, a super-food's nutrient composition (vitamins, antioxidants and minerals) are notably higher than the required basic nutritional needs for the body to survive. Chia seeds and Teff seeds have been good examples of super-foods.

Kadamba with its natural association with the farming community who are following natural/organic cultivation methodology since years, have been active participants in growing these super-foods. Kadamba does provide all the inputs right from skill-training to provide seed materials and technology know-how, apart from buying back the produces from these farmers.

Kadamba has begun with Chia seed and Teff seed to start with and has successfully produced premium quality White Chia seeds and Teff seeds. The process ensures maintaining high quality in all our products. It brings miles of smiles across Team Kadamba in catering farm fresh super-foods for our valued customers across the globe.