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Green Nano Technology Products
Microbial Soil Health Products

KADAMBA through its soil health technology (Patented) products have addressed reduction of soil health problems for agriculture and horticulture We aimed at sustainable agriculture practices by creating its original native soil’s strength by increasing the density of microbes in mega scale. It reduces the toxic chemical usage drastically.

Organic Products

Kadamba sources its produce right from the cradle of organic farming, Sikkim which is officially declared as the organic State of India And we have developed our own farming technology by creating microbial consortia based soil health products (Patented) first time in the global market.

Aromatic Products

Kadamba has pioneered into production of premium quality of aromatic oils such as Palmrosa oil, Citronella oil, Lemongrass oil and a host of other herbal extracts.Kadamba’s traditional farming relations with the rural populace, particularly from the Western Ghats of Southern India provides better advantage in terms of both quality produce and also in terms of quantum

Superfood Products

Super-foods are rich in phytochemicals, which are known to have disease-fighting properties. Super-food's (vitamins, antioxidants and minerals) are having notably higher nutritional needs for the body to survive. Kadamba with its natural association with the farming community who are following natural/organic cultivation, since years, have been active participants in growing these super-foods.

Functional-Food Products

Kadamba has developed functional food products (modified natural food) with scientifically isolated nutrients contents using Green Nano Technology (USA-Patented) and added biologically active substances which can improve our health by providing augmented benefit beyond our traditional local food. Both in Indian & continental style

Ayurvedic Products

Kadamba has been working with traditional Ayurvedic experts who they have been practicing and developing their own highly effective proprietary ayurvedic products / herbal products since last 20 years Now Kadamba has developed new age ayurvedic formulations using worlds highly innovative US –Patented Green Nano Technology, which is simply natural and divine.

Financial Products

First time in India, we have introduced market first highly innovative financial products for our members. We have designed all our products as very transparent and made it 100% digitally accessible & interactive

Petroleum Products

We import Quality bitumen from various countries and supply our premium customers in India. Since last 15 years. We’re proud of our relationships with our customers that we have built over many years of business understanding with quality and commitment.

Our Projects

Our development opt in to the projects they genuinely want to work on, committing wholeheartedly to delivering.

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