Kadamba Cooperative Society

In today's world, one cannot achieve significantly, without other assistance or active multiple participations. Community support brings in great deal of advantages and better scope. It is in this context that, we have stepped forward to create cooperative organization for the socio-economic developmental mission of our mother society.Since its inception couple of decades ago, Kadamba Society has strived in delivering its services with high integrity and due ethics. The resultant is, communities have whole heartedly accepted and supported us in our endeavors.

My Money

Kadamba My Money Limited, an NBFC, based out of western coast of Karnataka state of India has been operating, since 1997.

The “people first” approach being the guiding philosophy, Kadamba My Money is engaged in funding the self-employed individuals, micro financing the self-help groups, lending loans to meet personal needs such as wedding costs or to purchase new machinery or equipment etc. In a way Kadamba My Money will try to empower the common man, making him financially inclusive.

Kadamba My Money is aiming towards delivering affordable and competitive financial services to the needy with high notch of operational efficiency and integrity. Offering cost effective products and services with causal goal is the fiscal inclusion of the common man.