Organic Products

Kadamba carries a good legacy of working with the farming community for decades and as such contract-farming is all but ease with both productivity and credibility high on the index.

Simultaneously, we respect our valued customers across the globe and do thrive in fulfilling their expectations by providing end to end solutions. Organic farm products and chemical free natural products rule the market, today. These products refine and define the consumption and changing life style across contemporary globe.


Kadamba has invovled and ever-evolving in this change of process for nearly couple of decades, now. Kadamba sources its produce right from the cradle of organic farming, Sikkim which is officially declared as the organic State of India, besides other organic sources. These products, particularly grains and pulses are hand-picked at the pristine farmyards.

Kadamba focuses on growing high quality produces meeting international standards in terms of both safety and its constituent value. It is to be noted that, since ages, our farmers have pre-dominantly adopting natural ways of farming, inspite of the so-called modern chemical fertilizers being made available in bounties. It's really a fact of pride that kadamba farmers are traditional, but yet possess great deal of scientific approach in their field - operations.

Kadamba has its organic products branded under LivNatural banner.